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Willkommen. Bienvenue. Welcome! I have been blogging from this little place of mine since january 2010! Since then my blog has changed and grown and now a days Frøken Lyngsø is a blog focused on the beauty in everyday life. On Frøken Lyngsø you will find inspiration for relaxed everyday life, crafts, recipes, re- and up cycling, travel, outdoor life and adventures.

In the beginning I only blogged every now and then and as I went,  figuring out what I wanted to do with this space having a lot of writers crisis and insecurity in the beginning of it all. I dreamt of being a blog about reading books, a blog about travelling, a food and recipe blog, a craft and sewing blog, a knitting blog, a diy blog, a photographer blog and the list is even longer, but none of it worked for me. Today I blog when I have something to tell (being almost every day though) and for the past couple of years I think I have found a way to do this that suits me mixing up a lot of everyday life with a little recipes, a little outdoor adventures, a bit of travel, some sewing and knitting and crafting, and at last a bit of all that that can’t be categorized. Enjoy!

Today, all my blog post have an english recap in the end so foreign readers can follow along as well as the danes.

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Frequently answered questions

What camera do you use? I use a Pentax K5. On occasion I use photos taken with my smartphone. 

What software do you use? I use which is much like the earlier versions of photoshop.

Why do you both write in Danish and in English? For several years I only wrote in danish but as I began to read more foreign blogs I felt it was only fair that I began giving an english recap in the end of every blog post. This post is only in english though, as I assume most danes know english too.

What kind of sewing machines do you have? I have a Husqvarna Viking sewing machine. I got it from my parents when I graduated from high school. I also have a Husqvarna overlock sewing machine that I still need to get to know a little better.

Do you sell what you make? Yes, I sell some of the things I make in my shop (you’ll find it here).

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