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This is Anna, a woman I got to know through blogging and whom I met up with when we were in Athens for a few days. Because Anna is greek and does not know danish, this post will be in english with a danish recap at the end, opposite of what I normally do.

It all started when we were planning our greek summer adventure and wanted some inspiration to our island hopping and to visiting Athens. It was back then I found one of Annas blogs on the internet (yes, she is so privileged se has two blogs) called Aspects of Athens. Anna is in love with her city and knows what there is to know about it. Therefore she was the perfect help to planning our time in the big city. On her blog she shows the amazing architecture of Athens, tells about places to see, places to eat and drink and what to do if you only have a weekend or more days in the greek capital. I just simply wrote her for personal help and that was how it all started.

Then when we finally got to Athens after two weeks on the islands, we met up with Anna and her husband for a drink and dinner in town. And then we talked, and talked, and laughed and talked some more and before we knew it was midnight and we had to break up the fun. It was a great time well spend – getting to know new people and making new friends is the best thing ever, when you do it on your holidays it is even better though. And that’s how I got to know Anna.

Dansk opsummering: Jeg har fået et nyt bekendtskab – før vi tog afsted på vores græske sommereventyr, søgte jeg på nettet efter inspiration til øerne og til nogle dage i Athen og det var på den måde, at jeg kom forbi Annas blog – hun er født og opvokset i byen og er smaskforelsket i den, simpelthen. Og så mødtes vi da vi endelig kom til byen, og det var virkelig hyggeligt! Jeg tror og håber ikke det er sidste gang vi har brugt tid sammen – jeg havde det i hvert fald sjovt!

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  1. Anna
    21. august 2014 at 08:56 (7 år ago)

    Hi Kristina! I was on vacations and I missed this post!! Thank you so much for featuring me on your blog!!


    Kristina Reply:

    I hope you had a nice holiday – and about the blog post, then you are most welcome. I thought telling the story about how the two of us met was funny and different 🙂 I hope the both of you are well and looking forward to Boston? // Kristina



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